The DogwoodDales AKC Airedale Terrier


In Texas, we need a breed thats tough and sweet - just like us. We are proud of our unique Mooreland and Quachita lines and the fantastic personalities and abilities they all share. 

We expect the pups produced from our kennel to mature in the 55-75 pound range and up to 23"-26" inches to the shoulder. The DogwoodDales coat should be even, semi-dense (to ensure ease of maintainability), and texture wiry when stripping is properly utilized. The expression to be truly terrier. Willing to please, eager to learn, always playful and bubbly, and easy to train. The pups will have their tails docked and dewclaws removed - this is protect the dogs throughout their lifetimes - tails and dewclaws, have a tendency to caught when working in the field.

The DogwoodDale Airedale Type & Size:

Over the past 5 years, DogwoodDales has focused its efforts on breeding the best examples of the classic southern hunting kennels from our rare Ouachita and Mooreland kennel foundation Airedales (DogwoodDales Lady Maggie and DogwoodDales Mister Gates). Operated from 1965-1995, these historic Airedale kennels are legendary in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisana, Tennessee, and across the South and Eastern USA. Hunting, powerful, smart, loving, working Airedales was their legacy. Almost monthly we receive a call from a previous Ouachita or Mooreland Airedale owner, excited to find these lines - Airedales from those lines were memorable decades later.

"I have had Airedales over forty years, some from show kennels, others from working lines still none have compared to that Quachita (Ouachita) dog" - from a new owner of a DogwoodDales Airedale.

In 2017 DogwoodDales, having attained its first and foundational goal is excited to announce its next big step: To begin refining our lines into the DogwoodDales of the Future - we plan to introduce selected bloodlines from current show kennels and show/working lines from overseas to diversify our gene pool while setting a goal for an Airedale founded from historic working kennels that can and will seamlessly move from field, to show, to agility, and to obedience. As a AKC Competitive Kennel of the future we will continue focus on the larger side of the current AKC breed standard to ensure our dogs can deliver the strength of their genetic material to whatever task the DogwoodDale faces. 

Our primary type is that Airedale which most resembles in look and size to Airedale from the 1920 to 1930s with classic Airedale personality with the needed power and size to work in the field - Clownish, Intelligent, devoted, sweet, strong, terrier. The Airedale is an "always at hand" dog and thus it is naturally fitting the dog should be near the height of a persons hand - we do not breed large Airedales for the sake of being large or in any way violating the breeds conformation, agility, movement - we look to improve the next generation while preserving and protecting the best Airedale. The personality we are looking for: bubbly, happy, gentle, endearing, sweet, protective when justified, eager to please, easy to train, eager to hunt and work, water loving dog with their owner as first priority. Not always whats in fashion; although we may show, we will never breed for excessively small or large dogs, neither those Airedales which lack in size and power to fulfill the breeds historical and original purpose an everyman's versatile multi-sportsdog. Many dogs of our style of breeding have done well in the show ring in and outside the US, although this is never guaranteed. 

The coat should be more classic in nature: Harsh, moderately wiry, with even and full furnishings that are not excessive. The coat should dry very quickly and be maintainable. Great family personalities, sweet temperaments, and adorable faces. Due to the nature of the breeding program we are seeing puppies maturing larger than their parents (Lady Maggie is 60 pounds and Mister Gates is 65 pounds) and are very athletic Airedales exhibiting long legs and trim bodies. They are showing great hunting instinct and would be serious competition to any dog in an agility ring. The pups from these lines are best suited to active homes. We are currently seeing especially beautiful coats, some with more modern full furnishings, and others exhibiting superb classic coats

The DogwoodDales Airedale Energy Profile:

This is a working breed from working lines - and must be kept occupied to ensure they do not turn destructive; however, the Airedale Terrier is very versatile and can happily reside in an apartment if given plenty of walks and few trips to a dog park every week. We highly recommend utilizing group dog care when your puppy is 16 weeks to 1 year so they learn to socialize at an early age and get to play and learn while you are at work!


DOGWOODDALES Lady Maggie Thatcher 

Maggie is a beautiful Airedale, she typifies our Ouachita Hunting lines out of Arkansas. Sweet and calm, she is a 60lb terrier standing 23".  She sports a beautiful head, perfect eyes; a very correct type with a rare Brindle and Tan harsh coat (Southern legend has it that the harsher the coat, the better the hunter), easy to maintain - dogs from the Ouachita lines have less dense coats and furnishings. An innate hunter possessing great grit, she loves to retrieve, tree, pointe, and anything water related, Maggie's favorite spot is in the backyard "on watch" (sunbathing!). Incredibly fast learning, smart, obedient, calm, sweet, independent, and well-mannered Maggie is the Foundation of DogwoodDales. She has successfully mothered previous liters and is a sweet, firm, devoted mother to her pups.  



They called him Mister. 72lb and 25" tall, Gates typifies our famed Mooreland Hunting Lines out of Sparta, Tennessee. Excellent conformation. A majestic gait and stature, square head with big brown eyes, Mister Gates is a showstopper. Ears, head, and tail held high, He is always ready for an adventure or to warm your feet. He possesses an incredibly happy and bubbly disposition. Loving and incredibly devoted. A fantastic vermin hunter, treeing hound, and all around multi-sport dog, heck, he is even done some herding with success, Mooreland dogs, like our DogwoodDales Mister Gates have thick Black & Tan,  mohair-like coats with heavier ears and wider muzzles, their head is reminiscent in shape to "Airedale Jerry" (see Airedale Legacy).