Proud Champions of the Airedale Legacy

Proud Champions of the Airedale Legacy


All About Airedale Terriers


Airedale Terriers are a terrific breed. Unlike most large dogs, the Airedale only minimally sheds and is considered as hypo-allergenic as a dog could be.  They are incredibly smart, willing, eager to please, calmer than most other large working/hunting breeds. DogwoodDales' Airedales possess an instinctive "je ne sais quoi" because they are linebred on Mooreland and Ouachita Hunting lines. Even if you are not a hunter and never plan to work your DogwoodDale Airedale this lineage will provide great benefits to you. The Mooreland and Ouachita kennels were active until the early 2000s and have historically been considered some of the best working Airedale lines in the World. Unlike show kennels, dogs from this line actually worked and hunted with great success even spawning many Urban legends with their greatness. The Mooreland and Ouachita Kennels selected only the best of the best for their breeding program. The dogs had to Intelligent, sweet, playful, and most importantly field proven.  

The Airedale Terrier originated in the Aire Valley in England and their personality and fantastic ability sent them across the pond and clear into the White House for 3 US Presidents; from there they went into battle during the world wars to carry messages across lines.  US President Harding admired his Airedale Terrier "Laddie Boy" so much he had his own hand carved chair from which to oversee high level cabinet meetings. "Laddie Boy" was the first "Celebrity" dog and was memorialized in statue which is at the Smithsonian Museum.  (see Airedale Terrier History)

Today, the Airedale Terrier serves mainly on the good side of the law as police dogs in several counties around the globe. However, they haven’t always been used for good purpose. In the past they were used extensively in Africa, as big game hunters appreciated the fearlessness and courageous attitude, conjoined with the fact that are generally quiet dogs, especially on the hunt which proved helpful to the poachers who were skirting the law. 

The Airedale Terrier has been a classic choice for sole and family companionship, pointing, flushing, retrieving (both on land and in water where the Airedale is a fast nimble swimmer), hunting anything from small rodents to coyotes, bears and lions; home protection, and even herding and livestock protection. When the Airedale is at home with you as a companion they are some of the sweetest and devoted family dogs I have ever met – they form deep bonds with their owners and their clownish personalities are addictive as potato chips without leaving hair everywhere. That’s Right! The breed only minimally sheds and is considered as hypo-allergenic as a dog could be.

They are deep thinkers; when interacting with this breed, you can actually “see the wheels turning” as they process and plan their next move. Yes, I said “plan” an Airedale has a plan whether its how to get into your lap, how to sneak a piece of food, or when working independently out in the field. Due to the great cognitive ability they are invaluable on the field or on the job. Being the intellectuals they are Airedale Terriers are best trained with firm friendly words and great rewards - never harshly. 

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