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Over the years as an Airedale Terrier breeder in Dallas TX (North DFW, McKinney, Texoma) I was constantly approached for groomer referrals in DFW that practice the art of Hand-Stripping Services also known as Pulling and Plucking; generally more comfortable for the dog and painless, this quiet manual technique focuses on removing dead and dying hair follicles in the dogs coat (keeping them off your floor and upholstery) further developing the coat each time the pet is stripped using manual tools and specially engineered combs and carders. Utilized in show rings, this antique technique is hundreds of years old and is the only allowed way per the AKC (American Kennel Club) to groom most Terriers or any double-coated or Wirehair breeds - for most in the show ring, standard clipping is not allowed. There are several reasons why we hand strip a pet's coat rather than clip although the choice is always personal based on our clientele's preference. 

DogwoodDales Grooming offers Stripping, De-shedding and Clipping services for ALL Pets including Cats, and show livestock. DogwoodDales is an exclusive groomer and our family of DogwoodDales Airedale Terriers receive a 20% discount!

DeSHEDDING SERVICES - Tired of the hair everywhere? 

Labrador Retrievers, Shepherds, Collie, Golden Retrievers families see a MASSIVE reduction in shedding when utilizing our DeSHEDDING Services - different than any other grooming process offered in DFW. We manually remove the undercoat, leaving only the strongest and healthiest hairs so your best friend looks sleek, shiny, and well groomed. These breeds should NEVER be clipped and "Furminators" commonly used by groomers to de-shed simply cut the coat - which in turn causes additional shedding. Your Feline friend will also benefit from "cat carding" which is part of our De-Shedding Services.  Starting at $75.  


DogwoodDales is pleased to offer our Strip & Clip Services, a more cost effective method for pets and owners looking to retain color and some texture. This process is only performed by DogwoodDales Grooming and is a process we pioneered! We start by accurately stripping the head to show standards and then blend and clip the bulk of the body to save cost for our pet families, we then card and work the coat, utilizing stripping principles to remove the dead and dying follicles. This groom leaves the pup in a beautiful shiny and sleek coat, and although the texture will not be the same as a fully stripped coat, it can save hundreds of your grooming dollars, reduce time in the grooming parlor, reduce shedding, and leave the pup looking like its breed. Starting at $150.00.

Availability & Cost

All grooming is performed onsite Monday-Friday. Calendar availability very limited, please fill out DogwoodDales Grooming Request Form below or call us @ 469-631-2868 if interested in setting an appointment for your pet. Saturday Services are available at a 25% premium. 

Cost: Hand-Stripping and Hand-Deshedding Services cost more than a standard clip as the manual nature of the process requires multiple individuals for longer periods of time - the results far exceed what most groomers can offer and significantly reduce the number of trips per year. Give us a try and let your dog's coat shine! Cost is generally 2-3 times more for a full Hand-Strip than a standard clipping. We charge by the hour of “Table-time”. Current rate: $100 per hour. A small terrier will take between 1.5-3 hours, and Airedale or other large terrier will take 3-6 hours.

Airedale Terrier, after 1st Strip (DogwoodDales Mister Gates)

Airedale Terrier, after 1st Strip (DogwoodDales Mister Gates)

What Pets and Breeds can be Hand-stripped or benefit from DeShedding?

If your pet sheds, even in the slightest, it can benefit greatly for our DeSHEDDING service.

Most any dual-coated pet will benefit, 85% dogs and cats are dual-coated and feature a top layer and generally finer under-layer. Top layers usually reach their genetically determined terminal length then the follicle reaches starts to die, for most breeds, such as Golden and Labrador Retrievers, as well as shorthair cats you will see a defined increase in shedding generally timed with the season an your dog replaces its coat. 

DOGWOODDALES GROOMING - Not just for the Terriers! Retreivers to Collies, to Bengal Cats. When your dual-coated dog or cat is groomed by us we go through a similar yet slightly different process to ensure as much the dead and dying coat is removed. This means LESS HAIR around your home and a SHORTER SHEDDING SEASON!

Clipped coat - Airedale Terrier, internet stock photo

Clipped coat - Airedale Terrier, internet stock photo

Shedding Reduction, Color Retention

Considered a hallmark of the Terriers a hand-stripped coat will retain truer color and far better texture for most all Terriers. Terriers, generally do not shed much because the dog's skin will continue too hold to the follicle root whether alive or dead, healthy or not. When a coarse coated terriers such an Airedale, Schnauzer, Norwich, Norfolk, Fox, Borders and all wire-haired breeds are clippled the damage can be sometimes be irreversible - although I have had success. The clipped dead hair roots continue to accumulate and crowd out healthier thicker hairs, the hair becomes finer and and the dying folicles produce lighter gray colors and curlier hairs. 97% of Terriers groomed today are clipped and experience a higher than average number of problematic coat conditions. 

Airedale Terrier, after 3rd Strip (DogwoodDales Lady Maggie)

Airedale Terrier, after 3rd Strip (DogwoodDales Lady Maggie)

A Quiet Process

The actual strip is performed by meticulously analyzing the coat and its layers with a fine toothed comb (Literally!).

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